All PROPHESY technology assets will be offered through a single entry point, the PROPHESY-SOE service engine. PROPHESY-SOE will enable the composition of CPS and non-CPS services to turn-key PdM solutions. These assets include:

  • PROPHESY-CPS: provides the means for collected data from multiple sensors and production systems, analyzing them and ultimately closing the loop to production processes
  • PROPHESY-ML : includes Machine Learning, Data Mining and Statistical techniques for Adaptive Self-Configuring PdM programmes
  • PROPHESY-AR: provides visualization and Augmented Reality Services for Remotely Supported maintenance

Along with these solutions the project will offer as part of PROPHESY-SOE:

  • Tools for calculating KPIs, such as OEE, time to complete a production order, end-of-life (EOL) and operating life for components and equipment, MTBF indicators and more.
  • Tools for cost-benefit analysis of PdM solutions, including utilities for calculating financial parameters and indicators such as ROI and IRR.

These tools will facilitate stakeholders in assessing the business relevance and viability of solution, including resolution of trade-offs associated with the timeliness and cost of the maintenance task. Likewise, they will enable the specification of turn-key services that adhere to novel pay-per-use models for production systems and equipment.

The following figure provides a high-level overview of the PROPHESY-SOE platform and its ecosystem concept.