INTRASOFT International SA
INTRASOFT International Sa is the Project Coordinator, leading the project management and coordination, project administration and financial management, and quality Assurance, risk management and progress reporting.
Philips Consumer Lifestyle B.V.
The Netherlands

PHILIPS will be one of the end-users in the project to provide a complex demonstrator in a relevant environment (Production Tooling Predictive Maintenance) to be used during the development and deployment of the PROPHESY solutions leading also the entire work around the project compex demonstrators integration and validation.


Main activity in this project is to provide reliable, cutting edge solutions for process monitoring and data capturing at shop-floor level.

Jaguar Land Rover Limited
United Kingdom
JLR is one of the end-users within the project and provide a complex demonstrator used throughout the development and deployment of PROPHESY components and technologies.

ICARE heavily contributes in the project leading the work related to ‘Sensors and Data Collectors Integration’, the ‘Automatic Data Collection’, the ‘Visualization Techniques and Dashboards Specifications’, the ‘PdM Dashboards Implementation’ and the ‘Clustering and Standardization Activities’.

oculavis GmbH
oculavis is mainly responsible for the development of the project visualization platform for collaborative employee remote expert support.
UNPARALLEL main activities in the project relate to the design and development of CPS service platforms (including edge computing platforms), the development of dynamic systems to roll-out solutions for businesses to use, and the development of sensing solutions and its data acquisition, collection, dissemination and integration.
FHG's contributions mainly concern system architecting and design of the PROPHESY system.
The main responsibility of NOVAID is the coordination of ‘Architecture and Specifications’ work especially on the leadership of tasks of the specifications of CPS Platform for PdM Excellence and the PROPHESY-PdM Platforms Architectures and Ecosystem Specifications.
MONDRAGON is leading the work related to the PROPHESY-CPS Platform Implementation and Integration and beyond this, contributes contributes to the project in two different types of activities.
TUE has an active role in the management of PROPHESY by undertaking the Scientific Management within the Scientific and Technical Committee, as well as being the leader for the PdM Data Collection and Analytics.
The main activities of MAG in PROPHESY relate to the development of condition monitoring algorithms, the Testing the algorithms in the production environment and user of the PROPHESY platform.
SENSAP main responsibilities in the project is on PROPHESY-CPS Platform Implementation and Integration, leading the work that is related to the ‘Edge Nodes, Streaming Engines and Cloud Integration’.