PROPHESY’s vision is to act as a catalyst for the wider deployment and uptake of next generation, optimal, adaptive and self-configurable PdM services. Several challenges and new age trends in Industrie 4.0 and PdM Adoption increase the necessity of a viable route to market for a novel PdM platform, which will enable end-to-end development, deployment and operationalization of adaptive self-configurable PdM services.

PROPHESY will deliver, validate and evaluate in operational conditions a PdM services platform (PROPHESY-PDM), which will alleviate several of the issues that prevent manufacturers from deploying PdM services, including the issues of data fragmentation, the lack of data interoperability and the limited deployment of advanced analytics, while at the same time enabling manufacturers to close the loop from PdM activities to production processes.

PROPHESY-PDM will be built around the following main and complementary innovations for predictive maintenance in future factories:

  • A CPS platform optimized for PdM activities (PROPHESY-CPS)
  • Machine Learning, Data Mining and Statistical techniques for Adaptive Self-Configuring PdM programmes (PROPHESY-ML)
  • A PdM service optimization engine (PROPHESY-SOE)

The main objectives of PROPHESY include:

  • PROPHESY-CPS: CPS Platform for PdM Excellence
  • Alleviate Data Fragmentation and Facilitate Data Sharing and Interoperability
  • PROPHESY-ML: Predictive Data Analytics Toolbox for Self Configuring and Self-Adaptive PdM)
  • Framework for Secure and Trustworthy PROPHESY-PDM
  • (Remote Visualization & PROPHESY-AR) – Development and Integration of Visualization and Augmented Reality Services for Remotely Supported maintenance
  • PROPHESY-SOE: Methodologies, Platform and Tools for Dynamic and Optimal PdM Solutions
  • Pilot Validation and Evaluation through Complex Demonstrators