MONDRAGON is an independent university, internally organised as mixed cooperative, non-profit organisation, and with a public service vocation. Their main activities are formation, research and technological transfer to companies and other public or private entities. The schools or faculties of Mondragon University had been the origin of the denominated co-operative movement of Mondragon, grouped together around the Mondragon Corporation, which represents at present the leading industrial private group of Spain. Regarding the research team that will participate in the project, the telematics research group has knowledge in many areas including data analysis, networks and security. We also have an extensive experience in applying our research within these areas in SME companies, most of them in the Manufacturing sector.

Role in the project

MONDRAGON is leading the work related to the PROPHESY-CPS Platform Implementation and Integration and beyond this, contributes contributes to the project in two different types of activities. On the one hand, it will provide the means to secure the data lifecycle in the process of monitoring, ingestion, analysis and feedback to the system. In the other hand, it will research and develop distributed algorithms for the failure prediction and optimisation of maintenance plans. In this respect, MONDRAGON leads the tasks related to the ‘Multi-Layer Security and Trustworthiness’ and the ‘Data Mining Techniques Development and Fine-Tuning’.