PROPHESY aspires to create an entire online ecosystem in the domain of Predictive Maintenance (PdM) within Industry4.0 that expands far beyond the project’s partners and their wider network of collaborators. Towards this vision, a multi sided platform is launched at, and we are proud to invite a multitude of experts to join us, within the wider fields of: industry 4.0 and IIoT, ML (machine learning) optimization algorithms, industrial machinery vendors, industrial IoT software and hardware developers and integrators, AR augmented reality remote maintenance applications, professionals in the smart manufacturing and industrial operations fields, maintenance experts, and all their clusters and affiliations to name a few..

With a free for life-time registration at, we provide a multitude of added value services and selected online offerings to our new members. Among them, we have launched online calculators and tools that assist maintenance managers and operations executives to reach business decisions through specific KPIs and estimate the cost-benefit of a PdM predictive maintenance solution even before they launch it through similar international paradigms, as well as the financial impact and ROI with hands-on quantifiable metrics. We offer free of charge a portfolio of online trainings on predictive maintenance and on the PROPHESY architecture, as well as access to our knowledgebase including articles and whitepapers. Registered members receive specific curated content tailored to their needs and selections, while at the same time they are encouraged to engage in our forum, provide their views and ratings of the offerings, and are even invited to submit their own relevant implementations to our open platform for evaluation and comparison by our ever-increasing number of members. A truly lively and participatory community is based on supply and demand and our ecosystem is gradually growing into a hub for PdM in industrial IoT. Manufacturing plant professionals and academic researchers alike, are sure to find useful and interesting offerings, learn about the state-of-the-art practices, and how we applied them at PHILIPS Drachten and Jaguar Land Rover factories with examples, multimedia, whitepapers and technical analysis. We present specific business models for predictive maintenance deployments for various types of stakeholders such as manufacturers, machine vendors, maintenance professionals and IoT integrators and hope we can drive more end-users along the path of successful market launch of similar solutions. Finally, through our “sandbox” users can try our algorithms, and our online/offline software service bricks, combine solutions to their liking using the SOE service optimization engine, and evaluate whether these can offer added value to their line of business. Welcome to the online ecosystem for all predictive maintenance professionals in the wider industry 4.0 realm where we bridge the gap between forefront research and applied smart industry..