The main tasks/activities of I-case in PROPHESY are generically the following:

  • At the Data Collection and Analysis Specifications, I-are will help setting up the requirements for the data collection
  • For Sensors and Data Collectors Integration, I-care will work within the CPS Platform integration for
  • consolidating data formats and prepare information sharing across the platform
  • In the Automatic Data Collection task, I-care will setup the necessary smart sensors frameworks for getting the required data Contribution to Visualization Techniques and Dashboards Specifications and setting up PdM dashboards and KPI's will be an important step for enabling operators and personnel to make use of the processed data
  • Finally, Standardization activities will enable a feedback and widespread acceptance of the outcomes of the PROPHESY Project.

I-care leads the Sensors and Data Collectors Integration, the Automatic Data Collection, the Visualization Techniques and Dashboards Specifications, the PdM Dashboards Implementation and the Clustering and Standardization Activities.