JLR assumes the role of end-user within the project and provide a complex demonstrator used throughout the development and deployment of PROPHESY components and technologies. JLR provides a pilot environment for demonstration, evaluation and validation of the PROPHESY platform, offering production systems and manufacturing expertise to the project.

JLR provides:

  • Detailed specification of a complex demonstrator
  • Preparation, facilitation and operation of a pilot site for the integration, validation and evaluation of the PROPHESY platform
  • Alignment of AR platforms to the needs of an end-user
  • Business case modelling support
  • Dissemination and exploitation, planning for the wider use, expansion and replication of the demonstrator

JLR also participates as a “consulting” partner providing input, guidance, feedback and early testing of the project’s technologies as well as contribute to the related deliverables.

Website: https://www.jaguarlandrover.com/