AIT is an internationally-renowned non-profit technology institute that combines its talented faculty, industry links and partnerships to foster world-class education and advanced research in innovative technologies with emphasis on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and innovation management. Despite its young age, AIT has already a proven prowess in research excellence, as evidenced by its large research output, its faculty’s numerous distinctions, and the large number of research grants it has received. Indicatively, in the last five years, AIT has participated as a private, non-profit research organization in 50 collaborative EU-funded research projects, including several FP7 and H2020 projects, often in a leading technical role.

Role in the project

AIT leads the work that is related to the development of the cost-benefit analysis tools of the PROPHESY-SOE and also the Predictive Maintenance Services Bricks Specifications and Adaptation. AIT has also a leading technical role in the semantic interoperability for maintenance data tasks, as well as in the data analytics tasks leading to PROPHESY-ML. AIT leads also the PROPHESY-ML toolbox integration and provides several contributions to the dissemination and communication activities.