The Association for Innovation and Development of FCT (NOVAID) is a private non-profit organisation created by the initiative of five associated institutions. Its main partner is the Faculty of Sciences and Technology (FCT), created in 1977. FCT NOVA is one of the most prestigious Portuguese public schools of science and engineering today, with a total enrolment of ca. 8000 students, of which nearly 1400 are postgraduate students (MSc and PhD), around 500 academic and research staff (320 PhD holders) and 220 administrative people.

FCT NOVA is structured in 14 departmental sectors and in PROPHESY the Department of Electrical Engineering ismobilised. Personnel involved in the action are competent in the design and development of complex socio-technical systems, and particularly Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems for industrial applications.

Role in the project

The main responsibility of NOVAID is the coordination of ‘Architecture and Specifications’ work especially on the leadership of tasks of the specifications of CPS Platform for PdM Excellence and the PROPHESY-PdM Platforms Architectures and Ecosystem Specifications. Furthermore, NOVAID is strongly contributing to the Digital Models for Interoperability and Data Sharing and the MANTIS Reference Architecture Adaptation and Instantiation.