UNPARALLEL Innovation is a high-tech spin-off company created by experienced researchers (with 25+ years of combined experience) to bring ICT research to the market aiming for unparalleled innovations. UNPARALLEL main knowledge domains are: i) Interoperability and Integrability; ii) Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things; iii) integrated hardware and software systems; The personnel (researchers and engineers) are well known for good skills and competences on integration technologies, Machine2Machine (M2M) and smart sensing solutions, advanced interoperability methods and tools, intelligent infrastructures, etc.


Role in the project

UNPARALLEL main activities in the project relate to the design and development of CPS service platforms (including edge computing platforms), the development of dynamic systems to roll-out solutions for businesses to use, and the development of sensing solutions and its data acquisition, collection, dissemination and integration. In view of this, UNPARALLEL leads the work for the ‘Services Platform Specifications’ and ‘Turn-Key Solutions Composition’ and contributes to the ‘Sensors and Data Collectors Integration’ and ‘Edge Nodes, Streaming Engines and Cloud Integration’.