I-care was created in 2004 for providing periodic predictive maintenance services on industrial assets. In 12 years, the company improved its services and is now a specialist in condition monitoring and asset optimisation. I-care’s services are made unique by the following: flexible, independent, reliable and expert. Flexibility is achieved by allocating trained engineers with appropriate resources to customers. Independence is guaranteed by the fact that I-care does not sell any spare parts or replacement parts for industrial assets. Reliable service is provided by using the rights tools and methods for predictive maintenance: vibration experts are certified according to ISO 18436-2. Finally, expertise is achieved through training, experience and research. The company is ISO9001 certified for all its services and is an Ex approved facility for Manufacturing Condition Monitoring Tools.

Role in the project

ICARE heavily contributes in the project leading the work related to ‘Sensors and Data Collectors Integration’, the ‘Automatic Data Collection’, the ‘Visualization Techniques and Dashboards Specifications’, the ‘PdM Dashboards Implementation’ and the ‘Clustering and Standardization Activities’.